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Brake power regulator for Volvo 700, 850, 900, S90/V90 available again


The brake force regulators for the Volvo Youngtimer 700, 850, 900 and S90/V90 series have been reissued.

Old brake power regulators tend to have incorrect brake force distribution, as they can be clogged by deposits, dirt or old brake fluid. The springs of the valves can also get tired. In rare cases even leaks are possible.

The regulators have not been available as original parts or on aftermarket for a long time.

Unlike in the past, the new parts now available are coated black, which protects the surface from corrosion. The brake force regulator is pre-adjusted by the manufacturer to suit the vehicle and is delivered ready for installation.


  • Guarantees correct brake force distribution
  • repair of the complete brake system with new parts is possible again
  • no dangers from deposits in old parts
  • no problems with corroded or damaged threads for the brake line connections
  • with corrosion-inhibiting surface coating

Available versions:

1080289 brake force regulator Article no. 1080289
Reference numbers: 3546635, 3516392

suitable for:

  • Volvo 740 station wagon from 1992
  • Volvo 850 Kombi until 1995
  • Volvo 940 / 960 estate car with 4-cylinder petrol engine

1080290 brake force regulator Article no. 1080290
Reference number: 3546634

suitable for:

  • Volvo 850 Sedan until 1995
  • Volvo 940 / 960 Sedan from 1992
  • Volvo 940 / 960 estate car with diesel engine
  • Volvo 960 estate car with 6-cylinder petrol engine
  • all S90 / V90 until 1998

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