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Bracket master brake cylinder / brake pedal for Volvo PV


The mounting bracket for the PV's master brake cylinder is available again.

Due to the pedal linkage construction, the brake master cylinder on the humpback Volvo is located in a rather unfavourable position at the front left at the lower, rear end of the engine compartment. This means that the master cylinder and the mounting bracket, despite the mudguard, are always exposed to dirt and the elements, especially if the mudguard is missing.

It is quite possible that the bracket between the cylinder and the pedal shaft has become heavily rusted or even rusted through at some point. A sign of this are moving pedals and a possibly spongy pressure point. The bracket fixes the distance between the pedal bearing and the brake master cylinder on one side. If it is soft or rusted through, the pedal bearing will move when the brake is applied.

For a long time this bracket was not available anywhere, in case of doubt only second-hand parts or individual reproductions at corresponding prices helped.
We now have it back in our range as a true-to-original reproduction.

The bracket was available in different versions and material thicknesses, and was partly fixed to the brake master cylinder with only one screw.

The reproduced bracket is primed in black and corresponds in dimensions and hole pattern completely to the original part that was installed in the 444 and is fixed to the master cylinder with two screws. This version fits all Humpback Volvos.

The bracket is now available in our shop under the number 1082643.

fits following vehicles:

  • Volvo PV444
  • Volvo PV544
  • Volvo P445 Duet
  • Volvo P210 Duet

Reference numbers:
662241, 14528, 87115

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