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Bolt Carriage bolt Transverse stabilizer for Volvo 200, 700 and 900


The extra-flat carriage bolt for the stabilizer mounting on the Volvo 200, 700 and 900 rear axle is available again.

With its special design, this bolt is absolutely essential for fastening the rear axle stabilizer. Unfortunately, it has not been available from the vehicle manufacturer for some time and cannot be replaced by a standard screw.

Many Volvo 200 and 700s did not have a stabilizer bar on the rear axle ex works.

In the 240, the stabilizers on the rear axle were unfortunately only available as standard with the more powerful engines such as GLT or Turbo. Drivers of the D24 or B230F were allowed to "rock", which earned some Volvo models the not really justified nickname "Wanker" in the USA.

The stabilizer bar on the rear axle significantly reduces lateral tilt when cornering. Retrofitting it means that the four-legged friend in the luggage compartment doesn't get seasick so quickly, and the passengers don't slide off their leather seats in every bend and tear the grab handles from the roof lining. Overall, the driving experience is more precise and pleasant, without the chassis feeling harder or bumpier.

For the Volvo 240, for example, three different stabilizers are currently still available from the vehicle manufacturer as original new parts. They differ in diameter: They are available in 19 mm (item no. 1089478), in 21 mm (item no. 1089482) and in 23 mm diameter (item no. 1089483).

Whether it was a screw that had been torn off during a repair or a stabilizer bar retrofit, a reproduction of the screw was needed and was quickly ordered.

The screws are now available in our store under the number 1037311.

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 240, 260, 262: all models
  • Volvo 740: all models
  • Volvo 760: 4-door: model up to 1987; 5-door: all
  • Volvo 780: model up to 1987
  • Volvo 940: all models
  • Volvo 960: 5-door, model until 1994