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Assembly tool wishbone bush for Saab 95, 96, 99, 90 and 900


New in the product range: Two assembly funnels for the wishbone bushings of the classic Saab.

The waisted wishbone bushings in the brackets have a protruding collar on both sides, which is damaged or even sheared off completely during press-fitting in about three-quarters of the cases.

Our mechanic has worked on many vehicles from other manufacturers and has made his own assembly funnels, which are available as special tools from other manufacturers.
After a short search in the old workshop manuals, however, it turned out that Saab never had such a tool. How did they manage to fix it? No silicone grease or soft soap would help, the outer edge of the seat in the console is simply too sharp for that.

So we took the initiative, got some brackets, measured them and ordered two aluminium funnels from a small company.
They were delivered recently and tested right away. The result confirmed our expectations: we were able to press the sockets into the brackets without any damage, with the help of a few suitable sockets. Silicone grease helped as always, of course.

Last but not least, a tip: Never use mineral greases or lubricants containing oil when pressing in suspension bushings, as this will cause the rubber bearings to swell and quickly destroy them. A good silicone grease (1035704) is the most recommended agent here.

The assembly funnels are now available in our shop under the article numbers 1087540 for the lower wishbone bushings and 1087541 for the upper wishbone bushings.

fits the following vehicles:

  • Saab 95, 96: all models
  • Saab 99, 90: all models
  • Saab 900: all models

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