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Artist draws Volvos with a pencil


Alain Mitildjan, born in 1990 in Cherbourg (France), is an artist who is particularly dedicated to recreating black and white images found on the internet on the following subjects: Aviation, trucks, cars and there especially Volvos.

With a degree in mechanical engineering specialising in aeronautical structures, he is currently working for seven years as Outstanding Works Manager on the Airbus A330 final assembly line in one of the main subcontracting companies for Airbus, AAA.

Alain has always loved Volvos because they are safe, beautiful, well-designed, useful and robust. Many videos on the internet prove these qualities (crash tests...).

He says of himself that he is a regular Volvo driver (drives a black painted 2013 Volvo S80 II Momentum) and he loves being behind the wheel of his Volvo. His parents live in the north-west of France and he himself in the south-west. Anyway, he is not afraid to drive 800km in his Volvo because he knows that it is much safer to have a Volvo than a Citroen (his previous car was a Citroen C8, and he had so many repairs on that car ... very disappointing).

Alain's father has a 2012 Volvo XC70 and will do 350,000km within the next month. He has rediscovered driving and is calmer now, haha. He also has a Volvo Amazon 121 that he bought in the Netherlands two years ago, in really good condition (see photo).

They drive the Amazon together along the Normandy coast when Alain has time off. He enjoys it when people look fascinated after him in this car.

Attached you can see some of Alain's special drawings.
If you want to leave him a comment, you can do so on his Instagram account: @alain.mitildjan.drawings.