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Artificial intelligence dreams of Volvos and Saabs


Modern technology and old cars - an experiment:.

Admittedly, we do not know what "artificial intelligences" actually dream of, or whether they are even capable of dreaming. But something fundamentally new currently seems to be happening in this previously rather technical discipline.

Perhaps you already use Alexa, Siri or another assistance system that can help you make everyday life easier. Until now, the assistance provided by such artificial assistants has been limited to simply providing answers - such as asking for the latest weather report - dialing phone numbers or starting the appropriate music playlist.

In recent months, new AI systems have been making headlines, with possibilities and areas of application that go far beyond what was previously thought possible. For example, these systems are able to create images or works of art, to generate photos and films on command. Or even to think up stories, poems or entire television series.

So why not try what these systems can come up with about old cars? Of course, we are primarily interested in the subject of Volvo and Saab vehicles!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad and complex topic that encompasses many aspects of technology, science, and philosophy. However, it is also a topic that is becoming increasingly important as it penetrates more and more into our daily lives and influences important decisions in our daily lives.

One of the interesting application areas of AI is the creation of images or artworks. There are already numerous examples of AI systems that are able to create realistic images of people, landscapes or buildings.

So we dare to experiment and use the AI "MidJourney" to create images of classic Volvo and Saab cars.

MidJourney is an AI-based image editing and design tool. With MidJourney, users can upload images of vehicles and then easily make changes to customize the image. For example, colors can be changed or new details can be added.

It is also possible to have a completely new image created from a text input. For example, we enter one of the following statements:

  • "Volvo P1800 on the beach in dark atmosphere in front of the ocean at sunset"
  • "classic Saab in a backyard in NewYork City"
  • "Volvo 200 in a gloomy science fiction scene"

Not always comes out an exactly detailed vehicle. You can see that some quite different image templates are mixed here. Nevertheless, it is amazing how well the AI interprets the respective theme and produces mostly aesthetically pleasing and creative output.

The results speak for themselves...

PS: This text was generated in parts by the AI "ChatGPT" (see italic text). Translation to English was done by AI "DeepL". It is amazing and scary at the same time, which new possibilities are opened up by AI tools!

Was this topic perhaps too technical for you because you are a car enthusiast but not an IT nerd? Whatever your opinion, this technology is currently influencing our everyday lives at a breathtaking pace and will soon become indispensable. That's why it can't be wrong to start thinking a little about its potential impact. As long as artificial intelligences are friendly to us and share the same passions as old cars, nothing can go wrong, right? ;-)

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