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Around the world in vintage Volvos - Amazon Adventures Travels

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Amazon Adventures Travels offers a special opportunity to combine the love for old Volvos with wanderlust and the desire to travel. The Dutch tour operator has a special repertoire of guided tours to faraway countries, which are carried out with your own Volvo classic cars.

This year, due to the Corona pandemic, the planned tours unfortunately cannot take place as planned. All the more reason to look forward to new adventures in 2021, when the motto again is: "Go where no one has gone before. Do what others say they can't!"

So first enjoy the atmospheric pictures of past journeys and then learn more about the history and the motto of "Amazon Adventures Travels".

About Amazon Adventures Travels

Amazon Adventures organizes unusual trips with vintage cars to unique destinations. Across the Amazon, along the Silk Road to Beijing and back through Russia, collecting snow on the way to the North Cape. Travelling with Amazon Adventures means that you can enjoy the adventure with ease. Shipment of your classic car, overnight stays, breakfast and dinner, but also a medical team and mechanics. Everything is arranged to make your trip to this unique destination truly unforgettable.

Love for adventure and vintage cars

Imagine a caravan of classic cars driving through the Brazilian jungle. A Volvo Amazon, a Jaguar MKII and a Lagonda, followed by an Austin Healey, pull a red cloud of dust behind them. Miles and miles across the Sahara, cruising along the coast of Australia and soaring in the mountains around the Russian Lake Baikal. Experiencing such adventures together with your partner or friends creates stories that you will tell for years to come. On the way there you will meet like-minded people. Entrepreneurs, doctors, pensioners and adventurers who want to experience such a journey once in their life. They all have two things in common: the love of vintage cars and the hunger for adventure.

Let as many people as possible experience this adventure

The uniqueness of Amazon Adventures' trips is their length. The Trans Asia Classic, for example, is the longest rally ever organised, with over 25,000 kilometres. That is unique! For us it is important to make these adventures possible for as many people as possible. In recent years, more than 1200 cars have driven over 80,000 kilometres with us. And there have been some obstacles on the way: cars in the crash barrier, exploded engines and broken gearboxes. But no one has ever stopped. All of them made it to the finish line after a few nights of hard work with the support of our technical team. And that is the most important thing.

Volvo Amazon 122s never misses a trip.

There is one classic car that has had all the adventures so far: Klaas Postma's Volvo Amazon 122 from 1966. Klaas and his brother Fred organised the first rally with classic cars in 1995. This trip in honour of the 25th anniversary of the Volvo Classic Association took them via Sweden to the North Cape. The love for travelling and classic cars passed from Klaas to his son Peter, who experienced his first trip with Amazon Adventures in 2008. Peter now works full-time at Amazon Adventures, together with a team of travel experts, mechanics and other professionals to organize at least two unforgettable trips a year.

Light Amazon Adventures: meet new friends

The journeys of Amazon Adventures are "easy going". You reach destinations you never expected. On the way you meet new friends and experience unforgettable adventures together. Amazon Adventures is open to everyone, the only condition is that you own a vintage car with passion. We take care of the rest! Take a quick look at the upcoming special tours and sign up for the next adventure.

Excerpt with friendly permission of amazonadventures.nl

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