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Aluminium radiator for Volvo PV, Amazon and 140


High-quality processed full-aluminium radiator with larger cooling surface for Volvo 140, PV and Amazon available!

Whether for historic motorsport, hotter climates or simply the caravan on the classic: our new high-performance radiators with larger cooling surface improve the cooling performance of your classic. The radiator, including the water tank, is made entirely of aluminium and therefore has excellent thermal conductivity. The corrosion resistance is also first-class, and there are no problems due to different expansion of the materials or pressed joints. The radiators are fully welded to a high standard.

Anyone who drives a classic car will sooner or later have to deal with the radiator problem: Radiator construction changed fundamentally a good three to four decades ago. The classic soldered brass/copper radiators went out of fashion and were replaced by mostly pressed aluminium/plastic radiators. Because these were not easy to fit with a new radiator mesh, the profession of radiator plumber also died out. The last jobs were in truck, agricultural machinery and vintage car radiators, but at some point in the 1990s the business was no longer worthwhile and the last companies closed their doors. So what to do when no one can solder a new mesh into the good old hump radiator?

We solved this problem years ago, because we found someone who can make us new water coolers according to original samples in classic design (1001909, 1001910). So your Volvo is historically accurate on the road.

Now we've gone one better and offer our high-performance radiators as an alternative. For vehicles that are allowed to be on the road in summery everyday life and where reliability and suitability for everyday use play a greater role than originality. If you want to take your caravan to Amazon, Humpback or 140 to Scandinavia or the Mediterranean, or if you are involved in historic motor sports, or if you want to climb an Alpine pass in a tuned B20 on a Sunday for fun:
Then our aluminium radiators are just the thing.

The aluminium radiators are now available in our shop under the article numbers 1084520 and 1084521.

Suitable for the following vehicles:


  • Volvo 120, 130, 220: all models 1961-, engines B18-, B20-
  • Volvo PV544, P210 Duett: all models from 1961 onwards, engine B18-


  • Volvo 140: all models

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