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Air intake hose for Volvo 960, S90 and V90


The short connecting hose between the intake manifold and the injection nozzle part on the cylinder head is available again.

The four-valve six-cylinder engines in the Volvo 960, S90 and V90 have a clearly visible two-part intake manifold. It is divided into the manifold and the injection nozzle housing, and the whole thing is connected with six short hose nozzles for better vibration behaviour.

But these long-lived cars are now at least 25 years old. The rubber of the hoses becomes brittle under the effects of age and temperature, and in the worst case oil leaks have even caused it to swell. At some point, cracks will appear and the engine will draw in secondary air. The engine management system cannot compensate for this because the mass air flow sensor cannot measure it, and individual cylinders usually burn a mixture that is too lean. If the control unit then sets errors because the lambda values are no longer correct, then that is the least of the problems. In the worst case, leanness can lead to burnt valves or holes in the pistons and thus to serious engine damage.

Reasonable engine running or good starting behaviour are then usually long history, and the exhaust behaviour is also already no longer in the norm with a broken connecting piece.

It is therefore self-explanatory that this hose nozzle is an important part for a long engine life. Unfortunately, some time ago this part was no longer available from the vehicle manufacturer overnight.

We did not hesitate for long and ordered a remanufacture. The parts are now available again in our shop under the article number 1025529 for silky smooth six-cylinder running.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 960: all models, engine all petrol 6 cylinders 4 valves
  • Volvo S90, V90 (-1998): all models


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