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Adjusting washers for camber adjustment for Saab 90, 99 und 900 (-93)


The adjusting washers for the camber adjustment on Saab 90, 99 and 900 (-93) are finally available again.

On the classic Saab, the camber is adjusted with adjusting washers under the two bearing brackets of the upper wishbones. The adjustment is made by placing or removing these adjusting washers, always using the same thickness on both bearing brackets.

These adjusting washers were not available anywhere for quite some time, the vehicle manufacturer had not had them in stock for some time. For a precise adjustment of the suspension geometry, it was necessary to search laboriously for used parts in the three different thicknesses.

The adjustment discs are now available in the shop as a new reproduction in all three thicknesses:

So that your Saab can also drive straight with normal tyre wear!

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