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Volvo PV 444

Jürgen Förstner from the OCW Oldtimer Club Weissach sent us these pictures of his well-preserved Volvo PV 444.

In addition, his report from the participation in the International Schwoba Cup 2015:

Our Volvo PV 444 at the Oldtimer Rally

After having participated in a classic car rally several times and discussing my enthusiasm and fun about it at home, my wife and daughter wanted to show me how classic car enthusiastic ladies can also do it (better!) at a rally.

So we entered our Volvo PV 444 in the "international Schwoba Cup" near Böblingen in June 2015.

The rally, which was not easy, led over 250 km and the roadbook indicated the route exclusively with so-called Chinese characters and kilometre markings. Neither trip meters nor any electronic aids were installed in our PV 444.

My respect to mother and daughter, who managed the route with distance estimation and correct interpretation of the Chinese signs, in the end took 2nd place with our PV 444.

After all, I had to admit that the ladies could do it better, because I also drove this rally as a co-pilot with another vehicle. Unfortunately, we got lost several times and arrived far behind.

Jürgen Förstner OCW
Ursula + Sandra Keck

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