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Volvo Amazon 122S

This stylish Volvo Amazon 122s comes from our customer Heiko Sievers. Heiko bought a 1969 Volvo Amazon 122s in August 2020. He only drove the car a little in its original, purchased condition and immediately started to acquire new parts and components for his needs and wishes.

The conversion then began on the 4th of December 2020.
The vehicle was disassembled and the sheet metal work started.

The front axle was overhauled and converted to internally ventilated disc brakes. The rear axle was also overhauled and converted to disc brakes, a Gripper lock from England was fitted and the transmission was made longer.

The Amazon has new Bilstein B6 and KAW springs.
The M40 gearbox was changed to a M47 5 speed, the bell was modified for this. The engine (a B20) has new bearings, new pistons, a 298 camshaft, large intake and exhaust valves, channels enlarged and polished. Seals converted to oil seal.
Flywheel lightened and an oil cooler fitted.
The fan manifold is ceramic coated and on goes a 2 inch Simons exhaust system.
An electric fuel pump is connected to the 45 Weber carburettors. A large aluminium radiator with two electric fans has also been fitted and the tank has been refurbished. Spray flaps made by himself. Track plates installed.

There is a choice of rim designs:
1. minilite design 7x15 et 25
2. Japan Racing 8x17 et 35

Heiko installed König sports seats in the interior and had the rear seats upholstered to match the seats. He made consoles for them and installed Sabbelt four-point belts. He also installed a Wichers roll cage made of steel. The roller tachometer was exchanged for round instruments from a 142GT. In addition, a 380 sports steering wheel and many other smaller works...

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