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Volvo 245 GLD

The photo of this Volvo 245 GLD was sent to us by Raimund from his small farm.
By the way, the Volvo is called "Sven", or more precisely "Sven Jörgensson".

Raimund bought it in March 1993 as a demonstration car from the Volvo dealer Düsterhöft in Cologne. "Good grief, it's been a long time." It was 3 months old (EZ: Dec.1992) and had 3000 km on the clock.

Since then it has accompanied him and it is impossible to imagine his life without it. The two of them have already experienced a lot together. A lot of everyday things, like the constant way to work and back, many beautiful holiday trips like the honeymoon to Italy. Unfortunately, they have also had a few accidents, although they were never to blame. The last one was in 2013, when they were hit head-on by a gravel truck. He thought that was it for the two of them. Luckily, Raimund has a friend who is a body builder.
He was able to fix it. Together they have been almost everywhere in Europe, but not yet to Sweden. They had wanted to visit Sven's birthplace in Gothenburg for a long time. Maybe it will work out this year with the freshly overhauled engine.

After 660,000 km, the rubber on the clutch pedal has actually worn through.