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Volvo 164

Enclosed are a few photos of the beautiful and rare Volvo 164 with 3.0 L six-cylinder engine with three-speed Borg Warner automatic by Guido Alexander Schmücker.

The car was imported to Spain (Madrid and later Toledo) in 1971 and then later re-imported to Germany in 2018. It is in good condition with 184,000 km.
The car is a good memory for him of the first family Volvo from 1971, after which his father drove a new Volvo every year until 1989. The last one is still in the family, got the H-plate and is like new - a Volvo 760 GLE turbo diesel dark anthracite metallic from 1989.

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  • Volvo 164
  • Volvo 164
  • Volvo 164