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Relay Brake Light

Volvo S60 (-09), V70 (P26), V70XC (XC70)


A defective brake light relay causes e.g. the following error pattern: Only the 3rd brake light works, the brake lights in the rear lights do not.

Volvo V70 and V70XC: Defective relay. This double relay for the rear electronic module has been replaced into two single relays by the vehicle manufacturer. Please order 1x 1022432 and 1x 1022734.

Remove the defective relay.

The old item number 1042692 is no longer available...

...therefore this is replaced by item numbers 1022432 and 1022734.

In the marked position A you use 1022432.

In position B you use 1022734.

Volvo S60: Original only single relay, no replacement. Use as spare part item number 1022734.

  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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