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Window Seal Ventilation window

Volvo 121


Short note for the installation of our new vent window seal, which, unlike the original part, does not have a steel core and must therefore be glued in place.

Unscrew the belt on the B-pillar, remove the hinged window and remove the old seal.

Thoroughly clean and degrease the seal rebate. Any rust must be removed thoroughly and the surfaces then painted accordingly. The sealing rebate is no longer easily accessible after gluing. Before gluing the seal, freshly painted surfaces must be allowed to dry sufficiently long!

Apply sufficient but not too much adhesive to the joint in the seal. We like to use Innotec Adheseal for this, an elastic, sealing MS polymer-based adhesive (Skandix 1039424). Of course, any other profile adhesive can also be used.

Now press the sealing joint firmly all around the body seam. Excess adhesive must be removed immediately with paper towels and universal thinner.

Otherwise, the sealing lip may not be in the right place on the window afterwards.

Then fix the glued-in seal to prevent it from coming off or slipping during the drying process. This can be done with strips like the one in the picture.

After drying, reinstall the hinged window.

Now screw the latch on first to prevent it from falling out.

Then use a small screwdriver to mediate the fastening holes of the retaining straps and screw them on.

With the window closed, finally check the support of the window on the seal.

Now screw on the belt holder,

screw on the belt,

hook in,


  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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