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Seat belt stop installation

Volvo 850, 900, C30, C70 (-05), C70 (06-), S60, S40 (04-), S80 (-06), S80 (07-), S70, S90, V50, V70, V70 (P26), V70 (80-), V70XC, V70XC (XC70), XC90 (-14)


We show how to install two different types of Seat belt stops. There are stops with or without barbs.

Installation of the Type 1 with barbs at the pin.

Place the half with the pin below the belt.

Press the belt down to push the pin though the fabric. For example this can be done with a small socket wrench (4,5mm - 11/64").

Place the other half.

Lock the barbs with a carefull hammer strike.

Despite the barbs, solder up the pin.

We used a 4mm (5/32") pin punch.

Carefully melt the pin. Job done!

Installation of the Type 2

Installation of the Type 2 without barbs at the pin.

Do not lock the the halfs with a hammer strike. At this type the pin is more prominent to provide more material for soldering.

The Belt stop is only fixated by melting the pin.

  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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