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Outer window scraper for side window

Saab 90, 99, 900 (-93)


Replacing the window scrapers needs accurate work to achieve a professional result. Here we show how to do it.

Pull down the window first before disassembling the old scraper for safety reasons.

Lift off the complete trim moulding including the scraper using a plastic tool.

Take away the moulding backwards.

Remove the scraper from the clips of the trim moulding.  Note: Do not remove the clips from the trim moulding!

Separate the scraper and trim moulding.

Attach the edge with the metal insert like shown in picture 7.

The new scraper should be positioned even onto the clips of the trim moulding.

Important: Do not press in the scraper further than shown into the clips.

Press in the scraper gently step by step over the whole length into it´s position. This step is the most important for a perfect finish.

Mount the trim moulding with installed scraper onto the door, start in the front corner.

Press in the moulding step by step.

Make sure that the clips grip evenly and that the strip lies flat to the window.

Hint: If you need more power to install the moulding you may use a hammer and  a soft piece of cork.

Important: Never hit the trim moulding with the hammer.

Now the final result should be perfect.

  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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