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Front windshield

Saab 900 -93 Cabriolet


Replacing the windshield at the Saab 900 Classic Cabrio.

Remove the windshield washer assembly.

Remove the old trim moulding. 

Rip out the old window using a cutting wire or a machine.

Adhesive residues have to be removed and the frame has to be cleaned. Defective or rusty areas should be repaired and corrosion protection should be applied.

The treated frame should be wiped and aerated with an activator.

All repaired or damaged areas should be covered with primer. While the primer dries the new windscreen can be prepared. Clean it and assemble the frame.

When the frame is mounted the rubber strip will be inserted. Before the adhesive is applied the window and the frame should again be treated with primer.

After a short flash off the adhesive can be applied.

The window can now be inserted and set. Now the windshield washer blades can be reinstalled. Note the mandatory drying time of the adhesive.

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