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Facelift taillight module

Volvo V70 (08-), XC70 (08-)


Module for retrofitting the taillight function in the brake lights as on the facelift model from 2014 on. After installation of the module, the brake lights also light up as taillights in the same brightness as the lower taillights. When braking, the brake lights then shine as bright as usual.

Skandix module 1069391. We show the quite simple installation.

Before: Brake lights without taillight function as original at pre-facelift models (Up to yearsmodel 2013).

After: Brake lights also light up as taillights as original at facelift models (From 2014 on).

To avoid failures turn off the ignition and the lights.

Open the tailgate and lever off the Trunk interior light.

Disconnect the plug connection while actuating the latch on the plug.

Remove the screw above the lamp using a 8mm socket.

Position of the screw.

Lever off the rear headliner cover.

Best way is to start at the outside and eventually use a scraper.

Pull the big connector out of its bracket.

Disconnect the plug connection while actuating the latch on the plug.

Now the pins of the module can be inserted into the plug. They can simply be plugged in.
Insert the black cable into Pin no. 3 (To grey/bworn).
The Pin numbers are printed on the back of the plug housing!

Insert the red cable into Pin no. 9 (To purple/Yellow).

Now sequre the two new cables and the module itself at the harness using cable ties.

Now you can re-assembly all parts.

After assembling the headline cover, don`t forget to pull the tailgate seal over the cover again so that it doesn`t get stuck there.

  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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