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Carburettor Kit Weber 34

Volvo PV, 121


The kit includes all needed parts to replace the Zenith carburettor. These instructions show the necessary modifications beyond the pure installation.

To provide perfect clearance for the choke, the air filter and the rubber gasket have to be modified. Use a sharp knife to notch the gasket.

Here you can see the disposable B18 air filter. The notch for the choke can easily be made with a file.Cover the filter with some cloth, to make sure no chips get inside. If you want to use other filter types, check if modifications are necessary.

Place the rubber gasket in the groove of the carburettor and install the air filter. Check the choke clearance, it has to opereate from closed to open without touching filter or gasket. 

The Weber carb has an 8mm fuel line connector, the fuel pump has a 6mm connector. Route a 6 mm hose from pump to fuel filter and an 8mm hose from filter to carb.

Close the vacuum connector of the carb if there is a distributor without vaccuum actuator in the car.

Start the engine, check everything for leakages. Adjust idle run rpm. The idle mixture is preset but can be adjusted with the mixture screw if necessary.

  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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