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Liquid Wax *Hochglänzend*



Liquid wax *high-gloss* from SULUX is a water-based sealant with a high proportion of heavy duty carnauba wax, the hardest natural wax in the world. It can be used on all waterproof, non-absorbent and smooth surfaces (except windscreen). Our liquid wax *high-gloss* does not require grinding or solvents and is therefore very kind to the skin and surface. For many weeks (depending on the condition of the surface 2-12 weeks) the dirt sticks less and the water pearls off. It can also be used on warm paintwork or in direct sunlight without the formation of streaks and white stripes on plastics. Application: Painted and sealed surfaces of passenger cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans and commercial vehicles as well as at home, industrial and leisure vehicles.

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