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Digital workshop manual / parts catalog Volvo 121 TP-51950USB Multi-User

Volvo 120, 130, 220

Digital workshop manual / parts catalog Volvo 121 TP-51950USB Multi-User  (1067920) - Volvo 120, 130, 220 - book catalogue digital workshop manual  parts catalog volvo 121 tp 51950usb multi user digital workshop manual parts catalog volvo 121 tp51950usb multiuser ebook manual Own-label 121 additional catalog drawings drive english explosive french genuine german greenbooks how info info  italian manual multiuser multi user note only original otp parts please publications repair spanish spare swedish technical to tp51950usb tp 51950usb usb usbstick usb stick usbdrive volvo windows workshop
Digital workshop manual / parts catalog Volvo 121 TP-51950USB Multi-User
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Product attributes:

Book: Original Technical Publications
Title: Volvo 121
Manufacturers name: TP-51950USB
Language version: English
License type: Multi-User
System requirements: Windows only
Storage medium: USB-Stick
Supplementary Info: Please note additional info!
Weight: 45 g

additional info:

The Volvo OTP USB sticks and online products contain original technical documents officially licensed by Volvo. They are an important aid for every mechanic and an essential tool for every owner of a classic Volvo.

### Which version is right for me? ###

You can choose between two different versions:
- The single-user license (license key for Mac OS)
- The multi-user license (USB key for Windows)

Multi-user license:
After installing the software, you can get started straight away with the multi-user version (multi-user version), as the license is included on the USB stick. This means you can use the multiuser USB stick on any computer on which the viewer software is installed.

Single user license:
For the version with the single-user license (single workstation) you have to choose a device. A license code is included with these versions. This must be activated once by providing your name and email address.

Special viewer software (Locklizard PDC Viewer - free download) is required for both versions.

### Contents: ###

The OTP products include original spare parts catalogs, the original repair manuals and service information for all models and model years from the Volvo PV from 1944 to the 121, P1800, 140, 164, 200, 300, 700 up to the 900 series (-1998) and the 850 (-1996).

### Features: ###

- Original spare parts catalogs, repair manuals and service information
- You decide whether you use the product on your computer, notebook or mobile device (single user license)
- Can be used via the USB stick (multi-user license) or via online access (single-user license)
- Easily print the pages you need (Windows & Android only)
- Quick and easy search option in the individual areas
- Zoom ability to view precise details
- Bookmarked manuals to quickly find individual sections

German, Swedish, English, French, Spanish, partly Italian and Dutch

### Support ###
Since SKANDIX is only a reseller and has no influence on the technology of the software or the management of the license keys, we cannot offer direct support. All support requests should be directed to the manufacturer based in England and the USA.

Manufacturer contact information:
Support - support@otpubs.com
Information - info@otpubs.com

### Product Preview: ###

### System requirements, technical info: ###
- You need administrator rights to complete the installation

Windows (multi-user only):
- PC with Windows 2000 or newer
- USB port
- Safeguard Windows PDC viewer (Download)

Mac (single user only):
- Mac OS X 10.7 or later
- Safeguard Mac OSX PDC viewer (Download)

- Apple iOS 5.01 or newer
- Safeguard Mac IOS viewer (Download)

-Android 4.0 or newer
- Safeguard Android viewer (Download)

Note: The USB stick version does not work with Retina displays. However, the online version can be used here.

The documents can only be viewed but not printed on Mac OSX and iOS. In order to be able to print on Apple systems, you need a Windows installation, for example using common emulation software.
You purchase a single-user license here. This means you can only activate your license to view the documents on one device! If you want to transfer the software to another device or have to change your device in the event of a hardware defect, your license must be reset by the manufacturer.

Copy protection:
The copy protection used is LockLizard DRM. Here, not the entire data carrier, but only the relevant documents are encrypted. That's why you need the LockLizard Safeguard Viewer to view the documents, which is available to download for free. In addition, a one-time registration of the product with the enclosed license number is required, whereby this license is then activated. After successful registration, you will receive an email with further links and your personal license file for one-time activation of your software.
A detailed manual for the software, as well as frequently asked questions (FAQs), can be found on the registration website or the following link: http://bit.ly/O1l83r

We have found that in rare cases there can be problems with registration or copy protection. In the past, however, these problems could always be resolved by the manufacturer's support. Despite this limitation and the somewhat complicated activation of the products, we are convinced that the advantages of the product outweigh the advantages, so we definitely don't want to withhold it from you.

Note: Access to the documents is only possible after successful registration of a purchased license.
Supported browsers are: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Further information about copy protection software (LockLizard Knowledge Base):

applicable for:

Volvo 120, 130, 220


Product No
Description Price EUR available
Digital workshop manual / parts catalog Volvo 121 TP-51950 Single-User  (1038442) - Volvo 120, 130, 220 1038442 Digital workshop manual / parts catalog Volvo 121 TP-51950 Single-User
Volvo 120, 130, 220
  • Book: Original Technical Publications
  • Manufacturers name: TP-51950
  • Language version: English
  • Language version: French
  • Language version: German
  • Language version: Italian
  • Language version: Spanish
  • Language version: Swedish
  • System requirements: MacOS
  • Storage medium: Download
  • Supplementary Info: Please note additional info!
59,83 available from stock

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