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Heat protection plate for intake manifold carburettor SU HS-6 and Stromberg CD 175


A new heat shield for classic Volvo with B18 and B20 twin carburettor engines is available again.

Pretty much everyone who has ever owned an older car with a carburettor engine knows the problem with steam bubbling, at least from the height of summer:
You just want to do some quick shopping, come back to the car after twenty minutes and then it only starts reluctantly after a long orgy.
The reason for this is as simple as it is logical: the hot engine causes the carburettors, which are no longer kept cool by the airstream, to heat up excessively. The petrol in the float chambers then evaporates quite quickly and evaporates through vent holes or similar.

This phenomenon becomes particularly bad with engines that have intake and exhaust on the same side. The exhaust manifold then additionally heats the intake side. This is also the case with the classic Volvo PV, Amazon, P1800 and 140 with the B18 and B20.

At the time, the vehicle manufacturer only gave limited thought to this, because even for the exhaust-cleaned 140s with Stromberg dual carburettors there were still thermally extremely unfavourable one-piece manifolds.

An insulating flange under the carburettors should be a matter of course for such engines, but a heat protection plate additionally insulates against radiant heat and significantly improves the warm start behaviour. Since such plates for the twin carburettor engines have not been available anywhere for some time, we have had a series produced.

The heat protection plates fit B18 and B20 engines with SU HS6 or Stromberg twin carburettors CD 175 without exhaust gas cleaning. They are manufactured to fit exactly and can be mounted directly under the carburettors with an additional seal.

The heat shield is available now under the number 1053062 in our shop.

fits the following models:

  • Volvo PV 544 with engine B18D
  • Volvo 121,130, 220 with engines B18B, B18D, B20B
  • Volvo P1800 with engines B18B, B20B
  • Volvo 140 with engines B18B, B20B, B20D only models without exhaust gas cleaning!

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