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Pull rod safety latch bonnet for Volvo 850


The pull rod for the bonnet safety latch on the Volvo 850 is available again.

The pull rod that protrudes from the front of the grille after unlocking the bonnet has not been available from the vehicle manufacturer for some time.

However, it is important for opening the bonnet; without it, the catch or safety latch cannot be unhooked and the bonnet cannot be opened. Due to the age of the vehicles, the slowly brittle plastic parts tend to break off.

Since we don't really like unsightly makeshift solutions like cable ties, we had the part remanufactured without further ado.

The drawbar is as stable as the original part, made of high-quality plastic and fits very well. We have already installed it!

So that you can comfortably open your bonnet as usual in the future, the pull rod for the safety latch is now available in our shop under the item number 1055500.


  • Volvo 850, all models

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