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Adjusting tool for brake for Volvo Amazon, P1800, PV


Spanner for external square brake adjuster for many PV, Amazon and P1800 finally available.

Many PV or Amazon drivers know the search for the right spanner for the square drive of the lower brake adjuster. When we have found the almost matching size in the form of a 7 mm open-end spanner, the drama really begins:
The brake adjuster, which has not been greased for a long time, is first tight, then actually has 1/4" square spanner width (approx. 6.35 mm) and is round after one attempt.
Fortunately, the adjuster is still available from us with the number 1017731.

But if the adjuster is not yet turned back, the brake drum won't come down either. So now the torch, rust remover and water pump pliers come into play.

To prevent this from happening, we have looked around for a suitable square spanner and now offer it in our shop.

The spanner for the square of the brake adjuster 1017731 has the size 1/4". It fits many P1800, Amazon and PV. The spanner has a 5/16" size open-end spanner on the second side.

The spanner is available now from our shop at 1075764.

We also have grease for moving brake parts (1074345, 1019940, 1049363).

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