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Door opener inside Volvo P1800


The inside door opener handle for the early Volvo P1800 is finally available again.

We have often been asked about this part, but it has almost completely disappeared from the used parts market in intact condition. Worn chrome and scars in the surface have even the well preserved openers almost all after more than half a century.

The main problem is the often broken-off operating pins at the fastening: Fatigued due to age and stress, first one of them breaks, then the remaining two do not last long either and the operating lever can no longer fulfil its function.

Since it is a cast part, a sustainable repair can only be solved with great effort. We have thought about repair solutions several times, but have always rejected them as unsuitable.

Even re-chroming intact old parts is not easy due to the composition of the cast iron; if treated incorrectly, the parts simply dissolve in the bath or develop unsightly holes.

Last year, rather by chance, I got in touch with a small manufacturer who is able to produce such parts in small series.

The excellent finish of the first sample finally convinced us to offer this opener handle in the shop. So that details on the P1800 can shine coherently and in perfect condition after a restoration, we have also closed this gap in the spare parts supply.

The handle for the inside door opener is now available in the shop under the number 1030740.

Reference no. 664558

Fits for:

  • Volvo P1800 up to 1967, chassis no. up to 25499

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