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Fuel pump with glass dome available again


Mechanical fuel pumps with "glass dome" for Volvo PV, Amazon, P1800, 164, 140 and 240 available from us again!

Our pumps correspond completely to the original, have a sight glass at the top in which a filter screen is integrated and are suitable for the B4B, B14, B16, B18 and B20 carburettor engines.

The sight glass can be removed by means of the knurled screw on the retaining bracket in order to clean the filter. This makes it easy to see whether the pump is pumping.
Furthermore, these pumps have a hand lever that allows manual pumping. This means that after a winter break, the float chamber can be filled without any problems and without using the battery and starter. As is well known, neither of them particularly likes prolonged attempts to start the engine.

For a long time, there were only repair kits and new fuel pumps in full-metal versions that did not correspond to the original, some of which were not even repairable. Since overhaulable old parts have become rare in the meantime, we decided to have these fuel pumps remanufactured.

The new petrol pumps with the "glass dome" are now exclusively available in our shop under the numbers 1082580 and 1082578.


  • Original look in the engine compartment
  • Hand lever for manual delivery
  • Easy screen cleaning

1082580 suitable for:

  • Volvo PV 444, P445: engines B4B, B14- and B16-
  • Volvo PV 544, P210 until 1961: engines B16-
  • Volvo 120, 130 until 1961: Engines B16-

1082578 suitable for:

  • Volvo PV 544, P210 from 1961: engines B18-
  • Volvo 120, 130, 220 from 1961: engines B18-, B20-
  • Volvo P1800 until 1969, engines B18B, B20B
  • Volvo 140: all carburettor engines
  • Volvo 164: all carburettor engines
  • Volvo 240 1975 to 1976 engine B20A