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Brake fluid reservoir Volvo 200


The brake fluid reservoir for the Volvo 240, 260 and 262 is available again.

The expansion reservoir is a part that is rarely thought about because it never actually breaks. At some point, however, it becomes a nuisance in the freshly refurbished engine compartment because it has become unsightly yellow due to ageing or is dirty from the inside. In individual cases, it does break because it is cracked or broke when the brake master cylinder was replaced.

Such a defective reservoir has been a problem lately: the vehicle manufacturer no longer has it and the search in the accessories trade is also in vain. Second-hand parts are occasionally still available, but they are usually unsightly and brittle because they are now more than thirty years old. It is possible that the brittle used part will break when pressed into the brake master cylinder and the car will be parked a little longer.

That is why we have now included the reservoir in our programme as a remanufactured part. This ensures that in the future your 200 Volvo will not have to stop because of such a "little thing".

The brake fluid reservoir including filler cap is now available in our shop under the number 1058152.


  • Volvo 240
  • Volvo 260
  • Volvo 262

Up to model year 1990, only for vehicles without ABS

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