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Change in value added tax as of 01.07.2020


In Germany, the amended VAT rate of 16% will be valid from 1st of July 2020 (instead of the previous 19%). This regulation applies until the end of the year. The reduced tax rate - e.g. for books - will change to 5% (instead of the previous 7%).

How do the prices change?

By the lower value added tax the gross prices indicated for you as a consumer in our shop are reduced accordingly.

To whom does the changed value added tax apply?

The new tax rates apply to all goods with delivery address in Germany. If you as a customer order from another European country, the unchanged tax rates/prices there may apply to you. After selecting your country of delivery, the SKANDIX Shop will display the prices valid for you.

What happens if the payment was already made before the deadline?

For the application of the tax rate it depends on when the service is actually performed, in your case the time of delivery. Thus, neither the date of the order, the invoice nor the date of payment is decisive.

From 01.07.2020 we always charge the currently valid rate of 16%, from 01.01.2021 again the rate of 19%.

For your payments made before 01.07.2020 for deliveries after 01.07.2020, you will receive a corresponding credit note for the difference (overpayment) resulting from the changed VAT rate. Conversely, for payments that you make before the end of the year for deliveries after 01.01.2021, the corresponding differences (for underpayments) are then requested subsequently.

Where can I find answers to further questions?

Explanations regarding the temporary reduction of the value added tax can be found on the pages of the Federal Ministry of Finance - please refer to the following link.