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Front Windshield

Volvo 200 79-90


Instructions to replace the glued windscreen of a Volvo 240. Our sample car is a Volvo 245 from 1987.

Initial situation.

Remove the inner trim panel around the windscreen.

Remove the wiper arms.

Disassemble the trim moulding around the windscreen using a lever tool.

Remove the old clips, where the decorative frame was attached.

To remove the windshield use a cutting wire or a machine.

Pull the wire between the windscreen and the body. 
Cut the window completely free.

Remove the window and put it aside.

Use a chisel or a similar tool to remove adhesive residues.

Mix the butyl primer and shake properly.

Apply the butyl primer to the body.

Now apply butyl primer to the new windscreen.

Stick the butyl adhesive tape to the body.

For now leave the protective paper on the back of the adhesive tape.

Tear the protective paper in the corners for better handling and more accuracy.

Do not cut the adhesive tape end to end but let it overlap app. 1 cm.

Press the butyl adhesive firmly down.

Now pull off the protective backing of the adhesive.

Put the spacers below the adhesive tape.

Accurately place the windshield in place and press firmly (although it needs some firm pressure, we strongly recommend not to break it).

Apply the clips for the trim moulding evenly around the windscreen.

Remove the old seal from the chrome moulding.

Put the new seal on the decorative frame. Tip: Use a little silicone spray to make things easier.

Place the assembled frame on the clips and press firmly. Align the seal properly. Finished!

  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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