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Shift lever gaiter and shifter knob

Volvo S60, V70 (P26), V70XC (XC70)


Describing the Excange of the gear lever gaiter and the shifter knop in a Volvo V70 P26.

In cars with less care or high mileage often the leather coatin of the gaiter and the stift knop is damaged. This is the result of touching, moving and solar radiation, it`s looking unaesthetic.

You can delay this with forward-looking leather care and you also can repair small damages. But if the coating of the leather is so damaged as you can see in the picture no leather care may help you anymore.
The exchange of the gaiter and the shift knop is really simple and you don`t need many tools.

At first clip out the slim cover in front of the gear lever cover. Pull it straight as possible backwards.

Now you can see two notches on the front side of the gear lever cover. Push these notches backwards.

Pull the cover with the gaiter up.

Clip off the four notches of the gaiter from the cover

Now take away the cover and pull up the gaiter over the knob.

Under the knob you see a plastic sleeve. This sleeve has two notches, which you have to push for clipping off. Do this with a pipe wrench like you see it in the picture.

After clipping of pull the sleeve down.

Now you can take the knob and the gaiter away and you can seperate them.

Set the gaiter and the knob and pull up the sleeve while pushing the knob down for clipping in. The remaining assembly occures in reserved order.

And if you are ready with this: Your car will look like new inside with these often used parts in a new condition.

  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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